Hey all! Dreadfully long time no see, I know. I still don’t have another page for you but I DO have more comics that Sam and I have been working on (some of that aforementioned Paid Work we talked about)! This is Pyromania! Its first issue was released today and there will be a new issue every month! That’s 16 pages of comic a month, wowzers! And it’s part of Bum Rush Comics, which means that you could buy each digital issue separately for $2 or get the whole dang monthly collection (that’s a bunch of different comics!) for $5! Fantastic? Heck yes it is!

So if you want some playful ribbing on superheroes and a diverse cast and silly satire with a story to go along with it, go check out Pyromania! And I promise I have not forgotten WOBG, promise promise promise.